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Imagine a better way to manage healthcare.

Our proven solution allows you to lower spend, increase access to quality care and take back control of your healthcare.

Lower spend by up to 30%.

With Imagine Health, you can save 15-30% the first year and continue to save after that with built-in price protection.

Provide access to quality care.

Visit a provider partner and receive affordable, high-quality care. Choose a non-partner provider and you’ll be protected from overcharges.

Take care of your employees.

Care navigators guide members to the right care, while our advocacy team makes sure your employees pay a fair price for the care they receive.

Real client. Real results.

Learn how this Texas manufacturer took back control of its healthcare spend.

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23%A large national home improvement retailer saved 23% versus their old PPO.
16%A well-known hospitality company saved 16% versus their old PPO.
20%A large discount retailer saved 20% versus their old PPO.

The state of healthcare.

The current PPO model is broken.
There’s a lack of control over cost, quality and choice.

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We’re currently offering health plans that include high-quality, low-cost care delivered by our local provider partners.

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Empowering HR

We stand shoulder to shoulder with HR, helping you and your employers transition to a new plan. This helps minimize disruption and optimize employee engagement.

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