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We’re a different kind of healthcare company
offering a different kind of health plan.

At Imagine Health, we believe that in order to fix healthcare you need to give control back to people who actually pay for care: employers and their employees. It’s why we’ve designed a new kind of health plan — one that allows companies to take control of their healthcare spend and empowers members to make smarter healthcare decisions.

Here’s how it works:

Identify quality providers.

We use the power of independent data to uncover high-performing providers in your area and then establish direct-contract pricing with those providers using rates that are fair and reasonable.

Drive members to the right care.

Armed with data, we guide members to quality care delivered by our high-performing partner hospitals and providers. This helps improve outcomes, avoid surprise bills and drive down costs.

Control costs and protect members.

If members choose a provider not contracted with us, additional support kicks in, including built-in price protection and bill resolution services to protect members from healthcare overcharges.

It all results in quality care at a lower cost.
Imagine that.

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We’re currently offering health plans that include high-quality, low-cost care delivered by our local provider partners.

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A culture of ideas

We’re a company taking on new challenges.
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