Transforming healthcare

We are not a network, we contract directly to build teams.

Finally a real solution that saves you 20%+ per year.

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You use your purchasing power to negotiate the price of every major cost center in your business. Why shouldn't your healthcare be the same?

Take control of your healthcare costs with direct contracting. SmartCare by Imagine Health.

Imagine Health has helped dozens of large companies create their own SmartCare teams.

Choose the highest quality providers

We select the highest quality hospitals, specialists and primary care physicians in your geographic area(s)

Direct your volume to them

By directing your employees to these select providers, we create volume incentives.

Demand substantial price reductions and quality improvements

Your volume commitment gives you the leverage to dramatically reduce your rates and insist on personalized services for your employees.

Build a virtuous cycle of provider engagement and better services for your employees

Tap into a team we’ve already created, or set up your own team in a new market

How we administer SmartCare.

We create high-performing teams of providers – comprehensive ecosystems of hospitals, specialists and primary care physicians

You can add SmartCare to an existing plan (point of service) or create a new plan along side your existing plans (point of enrollment).

Other components such as claims payment and population health management can be handled by your existing administrator or other third-party vendors.

SmartCare networks around the country.

Working with Fortune 500 employers, we have established high-performance provider teams in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Albuquerque and Boise. We continue to add teams in new markets around the country. Contact us to see if there's a SmartCare team in areas important to you.

Your company can tap into a SmartCare team we've already built, or set up your own in a new market.

Why it works.

Imagine health is a completely independent healthcare company. We have the freedom to build teams of any size or with any provider who meets our quality standard.

Join the transformation.

Spend less and still get the highest quality healthcare for your employees.



Call us at any time to learn how your company and employees could benefit from the Imagine Health SmartCare system.