No need to worry.
The best care at the best price.  Period. 


Only the best care.

We build unparalleled care networks that ensure easy and convenient access to the highest quality doctors and hospitals in your region.

We put people's lives first.

We are not—and never will be—willing to allow you to risk your family's health.  Our proprietary outcomes model ensures your medical care is unsurpassed. 

We are always here for you.

Navigating healthcare is not easy.  So, we will take that off your plate.  Rest well knowing our personal concierge and mobile services are here for you 24/7.   


Real change within reach.

The standard health carrier is ancient.  So, get them out of the middle.  Employers and health systems can change healthcare with direct relationships.  

Choices worth making. 

We understand that when selecting a provider, people want choices. We simply eliminate the risk, ensuring that every choice is a good one. 

Remove the waste.

When healthcare is working the way it should, it doesn't have to break the bank. Fewer complications and healthier people also mean that everyone saves money. 


Our Approach 


01. Best Hospitals

Imagine Health starts by identifying the top performing hospitals and their associated physicians.


02. Best Physicians

From this group, we locate the physicians driving the highest levels of performance in each clinical category.

03. Best Price

We then leverage employer volume in a geographic area to negotiate market-leading rates for all services—better than any carrier can deliver.