Imagine Health personalizes member experience for healthcare consumers through partnership with Zest Health

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Imagine Health, the next-generation health plan offering only the highest quality providers, and Zest Health, a mobile solution and concierge service providing personalized health and benefits advocacy and navigation, today announced an alliance to enhance Imagine Health's differentiated member experience.


Imagine Health gives employers the ability to offer their clients a standalone health plan comprised of only the highest-performing hospitals and physicians in their local markets.  By leveraging the purchasing power of employers, Imagine Health lowers costs through its unparalleled approach to direct contracting, thus creating meaningful relationships between employers and health systems.  With a focus on saving lives, Imagine Health improves the quality of care in America, lowers costs for employers and their people, and finally takes the power back from big healthcare.   


Imagine Health's unparalleled member experience enables a broad range of services sensitive to the needs of employees, helping them to avoid unnecessary medical costs, enhance employee engagement and satisfaction with benefits, and alleviate the stress and burden placed on human resources teams in managing healthcare benefits.


"Our alliance with Zest Health raises the bar yet again on our commitment to provide an unprecedented member experience for self-funded employers and their members," Chris Cigarran, CEO of Imagine Health, said. "We're leveraging Zest's technology-enabled solution to help end the confusion and complexity that so many consumers face when trying to navigate the medical and insurance systems today. By marrying an optimal member experience with our existing health plan consisting of high-performance networks, members have the support they need when they need it in a convenient and powerful way."


Imagine, in partnership with Zest, offers a broad range of services sensitive to the needs of each member, including:

  • Easy in-network appointment scheduling and other concierge services
  • Benefits experts to assist with claims and billing-related questions
  • Mobile tracking of real-time deductibles and out-of-pocket costs
  • Registered nurse support with integrated telemedicine
  • Personalized plan design, provider network, and insurance card storage within the app

"We are excited to partner with Imagine Health's high-performance health plan and high-quality networks across the U.S.," said Ann Mond Johnson, CEO of Zest Health. "Zest Health brings Imagine's members easy-to-use 24/7 access to their benefits, creating a better and more efficient experience."


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About Imagine Health
Founded in 2008, Imagine Health is fundamentally changing the healthcare experience by aligning the goals and incentives of employers and providers to transform a broken, expensive, complicated system into a streamlined, high quality and low-cost service.  Our members enjoy privileged access to the best doctors and hospitals with reduced out-of-pocket expenses, an easily-managed plan and exclusive insider access and concierge services.  Our providers are recognized as high-quality providers and rewarded with significant and immediate patient volume as a member of a select group of providers for large employers. Employers have the ability to create a unique contracting ecosystem and realize healthcare cost savings that they can actually talk about with their employees-higher level of quality, better service, and bottom-line savings.


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About Zest Health
Zest Health is a technology company creating a new health and benefits experience. We are a team of business leaders, healthcare professionals, engineers and entrepreneurs on a mission to reinvent the way consumers make healthcare decisions. Our state-of-the-art technology combined with 24/7 clinical and advocacy support empowers members to be savvier healthcare consumers who are happier, smarter and more confident navigating the healthcare system. Zest Health serves self-insured employers, health plans and provider systems across the country. 


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