Deliver a low-cost, high-quality solution.

Introducing a new way to meet client demand to lower healthcare spend.

Now you can offer your clients an innovative health plan that checks all the right boxes. One that lowers spend, provides broad access to care and offers advocacy services to make sure members pay a fair price for quality care. It’s a new approach to healthcare that puts you and your clients in control.

Discover the Imagine Health advantage:

• Our innovative model lowers healthcare spend by 15-30% the first year.

• With built-in price protection backed by reference-based pricing, companies will continue to save year after year.

• Members have the freedom to choose any provider, including high-performing caregivers from our health system partners.

• Member support provides an extra level of assistance to employees, from care navigation to bill resolution.

• Onboarding, training and support services to make sure HR teams have the resources they need to succeed.

Are you in Philadelphia? Ask about The Imagine Health Plan.

Employers in Philadelphia can select our all-in-one health plan option. The Imagine Health Plan includes all the features of our standard plan, plus pharmacy benefits management, robust benefits administration and stop-loss insurance built in. It’s a complete solution designed for optimal savings and seamless implementation.

Ready to introduce your clients to a better way to buy and manage healthcare? Contact Imagine Health to get started.