Unraveling the Customer Service Teleporting Tricks of Today’s Benefit Plans

One of David Copperfield’s most awe-inspiring tricks is known as “The Portal.” In it, he seemingly teleports himself and a member of the audience from the platform right above the audience to a beach thousands of miles away.

One of Copperfield’s favorite teleporting destinations is a beach in Hawaii. Ahhh, the user experience in Copperfield’s world is life on the beach.


Unfortunately, by the end of the show Copperfield’s “user,” as well as the rest of the audience, ends up back in the same place, satisfied and even happy with what they just experienced. However, they certainly are far, far away from that beach in Hawaii.

For many self-funded employer plans and their members, the same is true. The idea of a member experience version of life on that beach in Hawaii is great. Imagine Health gets that, and goes to great lengths to provide that through our concierge and mobile services. But while flashy customer portals and a wide-reaching array of choices may seem like that beach in Hawaii, can you really trust what you are seeing?


Many times, unfortunately, the answer is no.


Far too often, that user experience eventually ends up being anything but life on the beach. Mostly, it’s just an illusion used to get customers to avert their eyes to the very real impacts that quality and cost have on their healthcare experience in real life. Eventually that life on the beach gets rained on with poor quality due to an overreliance on lowering costs without taking the steps necessary to help members improve their results with their providers.


Too often, the standard health carrier in the region still ends up in the middle making choices based on lowest costs. But employers and health systems are changing that dynamic in healthcare by establishing direct relationships using networks facilitated by Imagine Health.


So what should really happen once you get to the beach in Hawaii? Well, it would be nice to have the health benefits equivalent of 5-star service at a great hotel, and at the best rates.


That’s what Imagine Health does. We help self-funded employers to offer their team members a stand-alone health plan that comprises the highest-performing hospitals and physicians in the local markets. We don’t ask our customers, or their employees, to avert their eyes from the cost/quality part of the health benefits magic.


How? Yes, we have 24/7 personal concierge and mobile services to help your employees and their family members to navigate the still very confusing healthcare experience. But even before that occurs, Imagine Health leverages the purchasing power of large employers to directly contract lower-cost deals with only the highest-performing hospitals and physicians in their local markets. People still want choices, but bad choices really aren’t a choice. We eliminate that risk by only working with high-performing hospitals and physicians in your area, so every choice you make is a good one.


This 5-star quality approach enhances the health system/employer/employee relationship by providing the best care at the best price, instead of poor care at the lowest price. Imagine Health is dedicated to ensure your medical care is unsurpassed, so you don’t have to worry about your family’s health because you were misdirected to the cheapest alternative promising the minimal outcome.

By focusing on improving and saving lives, without breaking the budget, that illusionary life on the beach becomes very real for our members. Fewer complications + healthier employees means everyone saves money.


Let Imagine Health help your employees enjoy their stay with your benefit plan. In today’s hectic world, that’s a 5-star customer service reality all of us can use in our lives. For more information on our health benefits services, contact Imagine Health at heyimagine@imaginehealth.com

Rick AbbottComment